China discovers an industrial shale gas flow manly made up of methane some 3,568 meters deep measuring 6 meters high in the Ordos city. Ordos may sound familiar as the region is rich in coal deposits.

Image courtesy Tod Baker: well is reportedly has 50k cubic meters with the well producing 19.5k cubic meters per day. This adds to China’s (FXI, quote) stagnating reverse of 130 billion cubic meters to date.

The shale gas, which is natural gas trapped within the shale formations is key for China as a clean and efficient means of energy for the country.

In the Fuling field found in the Chongqing Municipality alone is expected to produce roughly 10 billion cubic meters by the year 2017.

Cheap, clean, energy is key to China’s growth especially if estimates are correct that China the world’s largest energy consumer wants to produce 30 billion cubic meters of shale-gas a year to significantly reduce the country’s dependency on coal. Currently 2/3 of China’s energy consumption is coal a far more palatinate means of energy. Headlines like this are just conformation for me to avoid the coal names.


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