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Time to go long Indian telecom companies?

Indian telecom companies may have bottomed out after India’s botched spectrum auction, and with smartphone sales in emerging markets set to jump next year, and India (EPI, quote) touted as the top BRIC market for 2013, investors with a long term horizon may want to start doing their due diligence now.

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Emerging markets brief

Overnight Asian and emerging markets continued the week’s move higher with the exception of Hong Kong and Singapore. Market participants remain cautious and hopeful ahead of China’s CPI results scheduled at 9:30 p.m. tonight EDT.  

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Morning coffee brief

Sorting through last week and overnight’s trading seems like a rerun TV show we’ve seen before, as traders sort through the euro zone issues, particularly Spain and Italy. Asian markets closed down, European markets are taking it in the chin while U.S. futures are suggesting another lower open. 

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