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Tuesday’s best web

Tuesday’s best web covers a slowdown in Israeli exports to China, the allure of Iraq’s Kurdistan-controlled oilfields, a review of Cognizant’s recent earnings report, and India’s plan to attract foreign investment.

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Wednesday’s best web

Wednesday’s best web covers power outages in India, the steelmaking industry in China, the lack of bids to explore the South China Sea near the Philippines, the future of mobile money, and the effect of large, foreign oil companies supporting local governments.

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Friday’s best web

Friday’s best web covers the new Turkey-Tunisia development cooperation agreement, Reliance Industries’ Chevron sale, Gazprom maneuvering for access to Brunei resources, investor confidence in Mexico, and the emergence of the renminbi as the “anchor” currency of Asia.

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Friday’s best web

Friday’s best web covers China’s experimentation with new financial rules, India’s consideration of IKEA’s waiver request, the IHH Healthcare IPO, bids submitted to explore Khan Asparuh, and the ASEAN-Latin America Business Forum.

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Big oil to Myanmar: open wide

In the Leonardo DiCaprio movie Blood Diamond, a citizen from a diamond-rich African nation remarks on how much worse things would be if oil were discovered. The populace of Myanmar is about to find out how true that statement is for themselves.

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Morning coffee brief

Risk-on returned to Asian equities, commodities and the forex market on G8 talks wanting to keep the euro zone together. Markets are reacting to the G8 statement over the weekend by leaders “maintaining a firm commitment to implement fiscal consolidation” for Europe. 

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