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South Korean economy: Emphasis on small businesses

 As a result of outperformance from the country’s conglomerates, the South Korean economy (EWY, quote) has performed strongly in spite of turmoil in global financial markets. As the country’s presidential election nears, the increased focus on struggling small businesses could be bullish for the long-term prospects of the South Korean economy.

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South Korea has sixth most educated populace, according to OECD study (HYMLF, SKM, KIMTF)

According to a recent report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), “Education at a Glance 2011,” South Korea has the sixth most educated populace in the world. It’s a focus that has paid off in world-class companies such as Hyundai Motors (HYMLFquote), SK Telecom (SKMquote) and Kia  Motors (KIMTFquote).

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Emerging Asia: policy risks in focus in 2012

Any Asia outlook piece is sure to address the sustainability of China as the proverbial Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. The consensus is for slower growth next year, but for every note claiming a manageable reduction in growth there is another foretelling a crash to the bottom.

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