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The protective put: shielding yourself from unexpected calamity

As an investor, there are few things worse than seeing an otherwise fundamentally sound stock drop precipitously on the back of news that is totally unexpected or only tangentially related to the given company — such as the European debt crisis. However, there is some reprieve for investors from this frustration; by employing a protective put, you can obviate large downside risk of black swan events.

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Time to sell FXE?

After the ECB indicated there could be “merit” in providing the euro zone’s bailout fund with a banking license, and a growing number of FOMC committee members indicated additional stimulus may be needed to spur U.S. job growth, speculation ramped up as the euro pushed higher against the U.S. dollar.

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More euro pain ahead

Euro zone markets remain under pressure with the EURO STOXX 50 dropping 2.57%, the French CAC 40 falling to 2.24%, and the euro zone’s strongest component falling hard with the Germany’s DAX 30 falling off a cliff by 2.09%. 

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