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Playing Russian Sanctions: Maybe No Fill-up at Lukoil Gas Stations

While I’m not surprised to see the weekend press dominated by the impact of sanctions on Russian macro, I have been pretty clear in saying the Russian economy was headed for flat to slightly higher (+0.5%) GDP growth in 2014 unless the world economy demanded much greater from the commodity space.

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How much will victory for Putin cost U.S. drivers?

Economists are still digesting Vladimir Putin’s vow to spend an additional 1.5% of Russian GDP during his campaign to retake the presidency. Given the intimate relationship between the Russian economy and oil, keeping that promise requires certain assumptions about global energy prices to come true — and these assumptions have a direct impact on U.S. households.

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Big Oil moving fast to get ahead of Peak Oil

Christophe de Margerie, chief executive officer of France’s global integrated oil company Total SA (TOT, quote), has emerged as one of the highest-profile supporters for the peak oil school of thought, which contends the world will eventually run out of economically extractable petroleum.

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