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South Korean economy: Emphasis on small businesses

 As a result of outperformance from the country’s conglomerates, the South Korean economy (EWY, quote) has performed strongly in spite of turmoil in global financial markets. As the country’s presidential election nears, the increased focus on struggling small businesses could be bullish for the long-term prospects of the South Korean economy.

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Samsung: Microcosm of long-term structural problems for Korean economy

This week’s landmark decision against Korean conglomerate Samsung (SSNLF, quote) in its patent litigation suit with Apple (AAPL, quote) has resulted in a number of articles debating over what the San Jose court’s decision means for the smartphone landscape. However, this also provides observers an opportunity to examine the nature of the chaebol-dominated Korean economy (EWY, quote) and what potential pitfalls may impede the country’s progress going forward.

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Emerging market stock of the day: Samsung

Samsung (SSNLF, quote) has dominated global headlines over the past week as a result of the conclusion of its drawn out  litigation process with Apple (AAPL, quote) over patent infringement. With the American court ruling in Apple’s favor, Samsung’s stock has faced pressure in Korean trading. How should you treat Samsung and ETFs with large exposure to the firm as the result of this development?

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