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Best of the Monday web

European concerns reignited over the weekend as France’s Socialist Party candidate won the first round elections and the Euroskeptic National Front Party fared particularly well; elsewhere, the Dutch government dissolved as the result of budgetary squabbles. Neither development bodes well for European markets going forward.

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Best of the Friday web

With a temporary reprieve from European calamity as markets across the pond were up, the internet was afforded the opportunity to report on events from elsewhere in the investing universe: namely, the BRICS. Stories on Chinese state propaganda IPOs, Indian state banks, and Russian search engines were the highlights of today’s web offerings.

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Best of the Wednesday web

Although positive earnings from technology firms dominated headlines in the United States, stories from the rest of the world were less positive. Concerns over the fiscal health of Europe’s periphery fester as the markets worried about Spanish debt and the efficacy of Italy’s austerity measures.

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