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Euro catchs bid

U.S. Non-Farm Payroll disappoints with only 88k of new job creation. It’s the lowest jobs number since June and the largest miss in nearly 2 years.  Analysts were expecting an increase of 200k for the month of March after a February’s 268k results.

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Euro catches bid but will it last?

As we being the final session of the week the euro catches a bid against the U.S. dollar after euro zone leaders announced it will allow some of the troubled counties like France, Spain and Portugal to take additional time to lower their respective budget deficits easing some of the burden of austerity.

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Gold at reflection point

Gold price moved higher during the Asian session as the “risk off” trade sentiment circled the globe as market participants took risk off during the U.S. equity session on concerns of Italy’s election.   U.S. stocks fell to the worst level since November of last year.

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Currency outlook

Currency wars continue as the Bank of Japan continues to attempt to verbally lower the yen while the euro catches a bid higher as sentiment strengthens that the euro zone is indeed stabilizing sending the EUR/JPY to nearly a 3 year high, the pair has not been seen this high since May of 2010.

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