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EU volatility spike

Below, we have a chart of the V2X, a Goldman product used to measure volatility in the EU. So it Europe still cheap, a sell, or should you trade it hard? 

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Euro catches bid but will it last?

As we being the final session of the week the euro catches a bid against the U.S. dollar after euro zone leaders announced it will allow some of the troubled counties like France, Spain and Portugal to take additional time to lower their respective budget deficits easing some of the burden of austerity.

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How could a Euro bond happen?

Apparently there is movement amongst euro zone leaders calling for a Euro bond as the hail Mary solution to the European Union’s problems. Whether it happened tomorrow or some time down the road, how would the EU implement such an asset? 

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Trading the euro and euro zone banks after Greek budget deal

European banks like Paribas (BNPQY, quote), Unicredit (UNCFF, quote) and Credit Agricole (CRARY, quote) are soaring on relief after the Greek Parliament passed austerity measures. Although this is step one of many, the euro as well was lifted in overnight trading sending a traders a like a small ray of hope that the cloud of a very messy crisis lifts soon.

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