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Arab Spring impact on Brent oil

OPEC deals in BRENT (BNO, quote) not WTI crude and this is the benchmark to watch if you think the Egypt situation is spiraling towards a Suez Canal shutdown.  Additional middle east tension, Syria, Turkey, Iran…these all play into the supply disruption trade that really hasn’t taken place yet, but getting closer to breakout levels. 

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MENA delivers mixed results

It comes as no surprise that performance results year-to-date from the Middle East and North Africa are mixed.  While countries within the two regions are either involved in or affected by military and political conflicts, terrorist activities and volatile oil and natural resource markets there is room for optimism.

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Egyptian economy grows 5.2%. Is now time to buy?

Stories about the Egyptian economy (EGPT, quote) leading up to the country’s first ever free and fair presidential elections were somewhat positive, with headline numbers indicating that the country grew 5.2% year-over-year. However, digging a little deeper, it becomes obvious that this data is not particularly impressive and that the structural impediments to the Egyptian economy remain in place.

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