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Mercedes Benz will benefit from Burma market opening (CARZ, NSANY, DDAIF)

In his book, “Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip,” legendary financier Jim Rogers prepared for his journey around the world by having a customized Mercedes-Benz (DDAIF, quote). The reason was simple: the global elite aspires to cruise in style in a Mercedes, not search for an electric outlet every 100 miles to recharge a Nissan Leaf (NSANY, quote).

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Toyota to Jim Rogers: currency can be too strong (TM, HMC, NSANY,VLKAY, GM)

Legendary investor Jim Rogers once stated that a weak currency was the sign of a weak economy, which was the sign of a weak government. Due to the strong Japanese yen, Toyota Motors (TM, quote) is operating at a significant disadvantage as German car makers such as Volkswagen (VLKAY, quote) and Mercedes Benz (DDAIF, quote) benefit from the weak euro.

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