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Moscow suicide bombing kills 31

An apparent suicide attack on one of Moscow’s two major international airports has left at least 31 people dead and another 130 injured. This is not unheard of in Russia but investors are on edge.

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Vodka may lift CEDC outlook

Russian vodka manufacturer Synergy is seeing solid improvement in its business. That should translate into positive developments afoot for U.S.-traded CEDC as well.

CEDC (quote) distributes vodka and other spirits in Russia, Poland and other markets. The stock has been battered recently due to the summer heat wave (which favored beer makers) and rising agricultural input costs.

However, Synergy saw its own profits surge 56% in the first half of 2010. Considering that sales “only” jumped 14%, that represents a substantial improvement in efficiency as well as top-line demand for its product.

The better the Russian vodka market does, the better CEDC should perform.

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