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Profit from $1.7 trillion Chinese stimulus with consumer stocks (NOK, UL, NSRGY, HMC)

With over $3.5 trillion in foreign reserves, Beijing is moving towards direct investment (farms and factories) to support its domestic economy rather than portfolio investment in foreign securities to increase liquidity, which will mean greater revenues for multi-nationals selling to consumers in China. Think Nokia (NOK, quote), Nestle (NSRGY, quote), Honda (HMC, quote) and Unilever (UL, quote).

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Toyota to Jim Rogers: currency can be too strong (TM, HMC, NSANY,VLKAY, GM)

Legendary investor Jim Rogers once stated that a weak currency was the sign of a weak economy, which was the sign of a weak government. Due to the strong Japanese yen, Toyota Motors (TM, quote) is operating at a significant disadvantage as German car makers such as Volkswagen (VLKAY, quote) and Mercedes Benz (DDAIF, quote) benefit from the weak euro.

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