Emerging Money Heat Map: 2:30 p.m. Monday, March 19

Welcome to the 2:30 pm ET emerging markets heat map. Trading started off slow but in the afternoon has begun to trade to the upside albeit somewhat mixed going into late trading. The Emerging Stock index is mostly green with only a few exceptions and MPEL 3.21%, BIDU 1.92% and PBR 1.02% leading the way.

The large-cap emerging markets stocks in our universe — think of it as a global version of the Dow industrials — are mixed as we approach the close:

Turning to the Emerging ETF index, we find the country ETFs THD (Thailand) 1.04%, TUR (Turkey) 0.98 and EWZ (Brazil) 0.43% in control. FXE (Euro) 0.58% is stronger on the day while as expectedFXY (Yen) -0.03% is down on the day,

As you can see from the heat map below, most of the emerging markets ETFs we track are running strong this afternoon.

Check back at 10 am tomorrow to find out how the emerging markets start out the second day of trading.

What do these pictures represent? More information here.

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