Emerging Money Heat Map: 10:00 a.m. Thursday, March 22

Welcome to the 10 am ET emerging markets heat map. Trading is starting off in a sea of red today with only one bright spot in the Emerging Stock index thus far. YUM 0.88% is the only green on the board.  The remainder of the index is being led lower by India: IBN -4.18% and INFY -1.97%.

The large-cap emerging markets stocks in our universe — think of it as a global version of the Dow industrials — are finding tough going in early trade:

Turning to the Emerging ETF index, we also find a sea of red within the ETFs, with the nation-to-nation slide being led by EZA (South Africa) -1.39%, THD (Thailand) -1.13% and ECH (Chile) -0.77%. The only bright spot here in early trading is the FXY (yen) 0.52% currency ETF. 

As you can see from the heat map below, most of the emerging markets ETFs we track are under pressure this morning:

Check back at 2:30 to find out how the emerging markets are heading into the final hours of trading.

What do these pictures represent? More information here.

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