Emerging Money Heat Map: 10:00 a.m. Monday, April 23

Welcome to the emerging markets 10 a.m. heat map. Global markets are starting completely in the red on the first day of the last full week in April. Leading the slide in the Emerging Stock index are YNDX -5.55%, INFY -3.71% and IBN -3.12%. Global markets are sliding on fears of global slowdown in the euro zone and in China both regions PMI numbers are suggesting growth is contracting.

The large-cap emerging markets stocks in our universe — think of this as a global version of the Dow industrials — are looking a lot stronger this morning:

Turning to the Emerging ETF index, we see the country ETFs all trading down on the fear of global slowdown in early trading. The country ETFs leading the slide are  FXI (China) -2.63%, EWZ (Brazil) -2.12%, ECH (Chile) -1.89% TUR (Turkey) -1.72% and THD (Thailand) -1.26%.  

The currency ETFs are mixed in early trade with the FXY (yen) 0.56% and the FXE (euro) -0.52% with gold slightly down in early trading GLD -0.58%

What do these pictures represent? More information here.

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