The week that was, in graphic form….

During the week the U.S. stock market found itself in its largest decline in 2012 with disappointing U.S. data showing signs of slowing, coupled with renewed euro zone sovereign debt fears causing the S&P 500 (SPY, quote) to drop 2%. 

Image courtesy Juanjo+Willow: banks came under fire when reports surfaced that net borrowing from the ECB surged around 228 billion euros in the month of March. The news sent Spain’s 10 year bond yield back above 6% once again.

Crude oil (USO, quote) continued to slide on the weakening U.S. data and on concerns that China’s economy may be growing less than 8.1% as it slid back into the channel trading range established back in November, closing the week out at $102.84. 

Natural gas (UNG, quote) broke below the $2 level and continues to trade at 10 years lows closing out the week at $1.98.

Gold closed the week out by eking out 1.8% again as the metal dropped going into the close, settling at $1,660 in electronic trade and $1,655.10 in the pits. Silver closed the week down 0.9% at $31.42. Copper saw the biggest weekly lost in three weeks on the China news, losing over 4.7% closing $3.61 in electronic trading.

The Emerging Money Country index saw similar reactions to the slowing economic data as it took its lead from the largest global market this week, with a couple of exceptions. Vietnam fared the best this week with the Market Vectors Vietnam ETF (VNM, quote)climbing to a high of 6.75% against the S&P 500, to close the week at 4.75%. China fared well even though flat on the date, closing 3% up on the week.

See the comparison charts for a complete picture of the week.

This Weeks Fundamental Economic Data Was Mixed: (scroll the calendar to see entire week)

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 Emerging Money’s Index Friday Close


Emerging Money’s ETF Index Close

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