Emerging Money Heat Map: 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 6

Welcome to the 10 ET emerging markets heat map. This morning we find a sea of red with LFC -7.94% and VALE -5.30% deepest in negative territory among members of the Ambassador’s Index.Looking at the Emerging Stock index, the heat map indicates once again that LFC -7.94%, MTL -7.01%, VALE -5.30% MPEL -4.62%, and PBR -4.34% are leading the decline among large-cap overseas shares.

Turning to the Emerging ETF index, we find FXY +0.70% continuing its climb higher as traders seek out yield along with the UUP moving 0.59% higher today.

The overall trend of the heat maps suggest money is moving out of the market in early trading once again. 

Risk off continues from overnight trading as traders step aside and/or look for yield in the yen (FXY) and to safety in the U.S. dollar (UUP) in early trade in the first half hour of trading.

Check back at 12:30 ET to see what’s hot and what’s cold.

Ambassador’s Index

The Stock Index


The ETF Index

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