SPX: Yes, Its About Time….

Spike in volatility today is right on the money but a few days late.  Where ya been?  We argued last week that the S&P was running into exhaustion levels somewhere north of 9% from the 200mda.  We think that headwind would have made sense under any technical scenario. 

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Back to the Future for EM…and Global Markets?

As I talk to seasoned EM veterans who have been focused on this asset class for 15-20 years through a myriad of political, economic and global macro cycles I am increasingly hearing more and more pessimism on whether investors are finally losing their interest in EM.   Hard to believe that people who sat in remote locations around the world in 1998 after the Asian crisis moved into the Russian crisis and LTCM blowing up, are NOW in need of trip to the psychiatrist to review their calling in life. 

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