Russian Bounce:  If you are playing Russia and have a view of Putin’s more conciliatory tone allows you to trade the overdone moves in many names. 

mail.ruTake a look at (MLRUY, quote)  the Facebook of Russia (RSX, quote) with other social media properties in its portfolio has not snapped back this morning as the company has been denying reports over denying access to certain Ukrainian groups. Supposedly over Kremlin pressure. 

Fears that the company may be more of a pawn for the Kremlin are once again miss-founded.  In fact, this view has been an issue for the stock every time there the social temperature rises in Russia. 

MIAL and Yandex (YNDX, quote) are two global brands that have withstood challenges to their independence, integrity and ability to hold off Facebook and Google. 

Today MAIL l is flat while the rest of Russia has rallied 4-10%


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