Oh brother this is Getting Complicated – Ukraine Gets $8 billion lifeline from China

While U.S. fighter jets muscle their way into East China Sea air space suddenly claimed by China (FXI, quote) and Russia (RSX, quote)continues to threaten the European Union and U.S. F22 Raptorfor meddling in their affairs within their sphere of influence (former Soviet states) China decides to enter the fray and offer aid to the Ukraine.

Clearly this is positive for the Ukraine who is enduring a severe economic crisis and now has brought political unrest to the fore as President Yanukovych snuggles with Russia and the masses that have seen this movie before are not happy. 

Bringing another super power into the mix only complicates this soap opera and once again, China is doing their best to insert themselves into the superpower savior role in a place where western and Russian leaders disagree on policy. 

Overall this is very positive for Ukrainian stocks but proceed with caution as this will get more interesting.

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