Chinese real estate rebounding

Two Chinese real estate giants posted fourth-quarter earnings last week. And while China Real Estate Information Corporation (CRIC, quote) and E-House Holdings Limited (EJ, quote) showed mixed results, their stocks have rebounded this quarter.

Chinese real estate is sprinting ahead in 2012. Which is impressive, given houses can't move.

CRIC and EJ mirror each other in the movement of their stocks, and are a good barometer of the real estate industry around the world.

For CRIC, total revenues increased year-over-year by 17% to 73.2 million for 4Q CY2011. These figures are buoyed by a strong October and a jump in online revenues, which shot up 83%.

In comparison, E-House had a mediocre quarter. Total revenues decreased by 6% year-over-year to $117.4 million, and total value of new properties sold decreased by 16%. 

E-House’s losses are partly attributable to a steady decline during November and December.  CRIC’s stocks also lost value over the last two months of the year. Though the company limped past the finish line to end the year, their outstanding October precipitated their revenue increases. 

Both EJ and CRIC have rebounded, however, and have started the year strong. CRIC’s stocks are up 27.4% on the quarter, and EJ has risen 28.69%. The U.S. real estate industry has followed a similar path, with companies like Brookfield Properties Corporation (BPO, quote) rebounding as well.  

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