Playing Russian Sanctions: Maybe No Fill-up at Lukoil Gas Stations

While I’m not surprised to see the weekend press dominated by the impact of sanctions on Russian macro, I have been pretty clear in saying the Russian economy was headed for flat to slightly higher (+0.5%) GDP growth in 2014 unless the world economy demanded much greater from the commodity space.

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Vimpelcom (VIP, quote) is a stock I have long felt undervalued and at a minimum a cashflow machine, where as long as the core shareholders could play nice in the sandbox, I as an investor would be along for the ride as they sought to pay out as much cashflow as possible.

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Apple in China

Some of the Apple (AAPL, quote) food chain names saw pop last night as China Mobile (CHL, quote) posted a notice on their website (which they later removed) they would be taking preorders for iPhones from 12th Dec. Smartphone demand is massive in China but just not sure this is the market for Apple. 

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