Emerging Money Charts For Non-Technical People

This AM the Dollar giving back from yesterday’s reversal and continues trade lower.  Amazing to me how everyone quickly jumped to more sensational reactions yesterday on how Fed was back in play.  How about that the Dollar was very oversold on short term basis but still overbot?  Stay with “95 before 110” on DXY.  We are still playing this out.

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Why European Equity?

I’ve been harping on European equities since late December.  I have been right.  But guess what, things have gotten even more lopsided in favor of EU allocations.  If you are buying today, you don’t have the last 15 big figures lower in the Euro (or 12%) working against your USD based investment.  

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Emerging Market Trade Update

As we mentioned on the call we want to highlight where emerging markets are looking at potential tests of the mild up channel we have been in since December global market lows, as well as pointing out that emerging market equities are challenging the important .1900 level on the “EM/DM spread.

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