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Rising Inflation? I think So…

Do I think Inflation is Rising?

I have to say I do. Last week the Fed told us with a dovish voice that they could still see liftoff when you don’t expect it. I think a lot of folks don’t expect it. Last week CPI data was more than a little hot. Higher oil prices reverse what was the match that lit latest round of CB easing and QE measures. Falling oil really put the wind at the EBC’s back.

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Keep Buying Europe Your EuroStoxx Basket Update

With the credit cycle turning and earnings cycle in full form (with a huge boost from the Euro), we are seeing European stocks hits 7yr highs. Somehow this isn’t terrible exciting with the SPX and NASDAQ also just off highs, and the NASDAQ 5000 mania is all the US investors hear about. Well, Europe is a better story and one we have written and talked about for 2 months.

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