Playing Facebook in China

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is in Beijing meeting and greeting the movers and shakers of the Chinese Web establishment. One company stood out.

SINA (quote) is getting the big meetings.

It is this company that is giving Zuckerberg the inside scoop on how microblogging works in China — and since SINA owns Weibo, the main microblog site in the counry, if anyone can emerge into a Twitter or Facebook “of China,” it is probably these guys.

As it is, SINA is already the third-largest site in China and is not nearly as expensive as Baidu (BIDU, quote) has become.

If anything, we may have a Google (GOOG, quote) situation here where SINA is to BIDU as BIDU was to GOOG: a transformative new name shaking things up on the Chinese Web.

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