GlaxoSmithKline hands digital strategy to Infosys

Infosys Ltd (INFYquote) announced a new partnership today with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK, quote) to optimize digital channels across its global consumer healthcare and pharmaceuticals business lines. The partnership in association with Fabric Worldwide will simplify and improve how GSK engages with consumers and healthcare professionals.

Through this partnership, GSK will create “Global Digital Services,” a new cloud-based shared service which will drive standardized processes and sharing of best practices in creating and securely delivering information, across multiple digital channels. 

“In the coming years, pharmaceutical companies will be heavily leveraging digital media to connect with their sales force, customers, physicians and key opinion leaders in the industry,” said Dheeshjith V.G., the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Life Sciences at Infosys. He cited the “in-depth life sciences industry knowledge” and “cutting edge technology expertise” at Infosys as strengths for working with GlaxoSmithKline.

INFY trades briskly in the United States, but investors may also want to look at the ISE Chindia Index ETF (FNIquote), which devotes 6.49% of its holdings to Infosys.

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