Glaucus Research: "strong sell" on L&L Energy, Gulf Resources and Universal Travel to avoid fate of John Paulson (LLEN, GFRE & UTA)

Glaucus Research Group California LLC is focusing on the negative aspects of Chinese stocks such as L&L Energy (LLEN, quote), Gulf Resources (GURE, quote) and Universal Travel (UTA, quote) so that more investors are not victimized like hedge fund manager John Paulson.

Glaucus issued “strong sell” on L&L Energy on August 2, a “strong sell” on Gulf Resources on April 26 — expecting that stock to go all the way to zero — and a “strong sell” on Universal Travel back on March 8, projecting that stock would fall to $1 a share.

Universal Travel is now at $3.96 a share, L&L Energy is now at $3.10 a share and Gulf Resources is at $2.99 a share, down more than 70% for the year.

Short interest on all three stocks is highly elevated, well above the 5% level that many traders consider struggling.

Many savvy investors — from John Paulson to Goldman Sachs — have been punished by wayward investments in China. 

Paulson lost hundreds of millions on Sino-Forest Corp (SNOFF, quote), a Chinese timber company now being investigated by the Canadian police after trading in its stock was suspended on the Toronto Exchange in August. 

Due diligence is needed for any investment, and Glaucus Research is providing an extra level of research for those considering L&L Energy, Gulf Resources and Universal Travel.

7 Responses to Glaucus Research: "strong sell" on L&L Energy, Gulf Resources and Universal Travel to avoid fate of John Paulson (LLEN, GFRE & UTA)

  1. Glaucus made up facts and mislead investors. He just wanted to manipulate the stock. Look at the rebuttal from T2 that disproved his allegations. I can’t believe you would mention him as trying to protect investors.

  2. Where is this so-called extra level of research that Glaucus is claiming to provide? It seems they have no extra research, but only claims. If they really wanted to do real research they would go on the ground to China and look at the mines as the institutional investors with LLEN have done. Short interest in LLEN is down almost 50% from its high back in January.

  3. Glaucus is a surfer dude that:
    – never has been to china
    – probably doesn’t know how to spell research
    – has never conducted research
    – compared apples to mountains

    Glaucus most likely will be going to jail like the rest of the guys manipulating the market. Good ridance to criminals like mathew Wiechert.

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