Emerging Money Daily Audio Call June 9 - On the call rates trending higher and building pressure under equity markets who have yet to respond in a meaningful way although we continue to test lower through important levels in US and European markets. 

Phone AudioEM (EEM, quote) equities remain the most beaten of equity asset classes.  We feel poor trading over the last 6 weeks in the previously teflon markets of Indonesia and Philippines is troubling and indicating we may have a greater wash out to consider for EM.  

China to be sold?  We have been constructive but at these levels of global uncertainty we are making a call to pull some liquidity off the table.  Reminding we have been constructive on pullbacks in FXI and PEK over previous weeks but are taking a more conservative approach to volatility in the overall portfolio. 

Turkey (TUR, quote) the day after: How to trade?

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