Fiat exercises Chrysler options

Fiat (FIATY, quote) exercised options to buy additional 3.3% of Chrysler.  Fiat now owns 68% of Chrysler which remains its most profitable unit. It is my view that Fiat will not need to issue new shares to finance its Chrysler acquisition from VEBA.

Fiat is now in a position to challenge Toyota Motor (TM, quote), Volvo and General Motors (GM, quote) globally. 

Fiat is a major emerging markets player with market share that dominates in Latin America and Eastern Europe.                 

Fiat is going higher…along with global autos.  The day they can take the cash burn out of Europe is the day the company will finally re-rate in line with peers.


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  1. I am very happy to see FIAT doing well,I am also very happy that they did not sell Alfa to VW/AUDI,I hate VW/AUDI and would never buy any of their vehicles.I would not even rent one of their cars if I can help it ,or even drive in a taxi made by F

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