Emerging Money Heat Map: 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 14

Welcome to the 2:30 pm ET mid week emerging markets heat map. Trading is started off slow and continues to be flat to negative going into the afternoon with the Emerging Stock index showing mostly red across the board on the map with a couple exceptions like YNDX 2.09%, HXM 1.04% and VIP 0.62%.

The large-cap emerging markets stocks in our universe — think of it as a global version of the Dow industrials — are looking a little stressed in mid-afternoon trade:

Turning to the Emerging ETF index, we find the heat map in the red and grayish (flat) territory with the single exception of UUP 0.45%. FXI (China) -3.12% GLD -2.01% and EZA (S.Africa) -2.21% are taking the biggest hits as we move into the close.

As you can see from the heat map below, most of the emerging markets ETFs we track are in negative territory this afternoon:

Check back at tomorrow for a look at how markets begin the trading day.

What do these pictures represent? More information here.

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