Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call – September 5 on a Friday afternoon were emerging markets (EEM, quote) are outperforming again on key levels in the EM/DM spread.

EM-AudioWe will talk about the China (FXI, quote) market on the backdrop of the Ali Baba IPO, we believe the rising tide here watching take all boats we don't think Ali Baba is an event for people to raise cash by selling down the rest of the sector in order to buy this IPO.

We do think that Brazil looks overbought we tell you where we would be selling certain parts of the big state owned companies which had the biggest run.

We’ll discuss elections in Brazil (EWZ, quote) and why we think this really is the best thing that's ever happened to Brazil, if you look at the political change and the true reform since the early days of Lula and finally we go into the job your number today and the big week the ECB and BOJ even end and Fed speak and fed reality after these payroll numbers lots to digest so tune into your account now.

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