Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call October 17 – Your ticket around the world, which is a much happier place today in the bank of central bankers everywhere reiterating their pledge to maintain loose policies or not to tighten too soon.

450px-Base_radio_station_(215811565)The impact for emerging markets gives you think better risk reward against the developed markets if you consider how much emerging markets suffered in the back in last three weeks.

It looks like the dollar has put in the near term top and were not going to speculate too much on the call. We will review where to get in and at what levels where we would be trading around.

We’ll take a look of some fresh poll data out in Brazil over the weekend and what we think the Brazil (EWZ, quote) trades are into the elections.

We will wrap the call on which of the countries that benefit the most from the falling oil price environment that haven't really gotten the benefit yet. Log in to your account and have a great weekend.

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