Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call – November 17 – On the call today is all about Japan the impact of the technical recession print and what momentum there was for Abeonomics to what extent is that to be derailed does that mean actually weaker dollar as the yen rally backs?

675px-Telefunken_broadcast_AM_radio_receiverDoes this mean better things for emerging markets (EEM, quote)? We also will get into Brazil (EWZ, quote) as we look at the bloodletting over Petrobras (PBR, quote) that is continuing today and the overall impact for the index on the heavyweight Petrobras which means you over soon Brazil – We’ll get you a trading strategy to focus on the environment in Brazil.

Russia storms out of the G 20 we’ll tell you how to play very high-quality Russia (RSX, quote) at a time when we think oil prices in Ruble strength or weakness are clearly the things you are watching but there is a way to play long term Russia.

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