Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call – January 22 – On the call today how rare in life how something with such high expectations delivers - The ECB did that today!

675px-Telefunken_broadcast_AM_radio_receiverThe ramifications for emerging markets (EEM, quote) continue to be very strong and strangely enough on the currency front where despite the dollar strength against the euro even other major courses in the developed world. We see emerging market currencies doing ok. We’ll deep into this on the call.

We’ll also getting into Brazil (EWZ, quote) and Turkey (TUR, quote) on the call and we have endorsed these markets in the last couple of weeks. We’ll wrap up the call looking at the key levels on the index.

So after a nice rally we’ll talk about what do so you don’t go blinds on this…there has been a lot of fits and starts in this spread and the outright performance of emerging markets and you need to be respecting of these levels. Tune in to your account now.

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