Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call – Wednesday, December 10 – On the call today we get into emerging market levels where we ticked lower another 1% today well through the October lows and we are audio box radiodancing  around the support levels that were just above the spike lows in early February and March before we then went on a substantial rally for emerging (EEM, quote) but how does that happen on a day when China (FXI, quote) rallies back when you have a weaker dollar (UUP, quote) and you actually have some better news on oil and even
better news out of Russia (RSX, quote)? We will get into the how and why but right now as we talk about the globe we are concerned about rising volatility.

We will also get into the trades for next year. In oil (USO, quote) we are dealing with fresh price lows…price is not truth but were spiking lower and this is clearly seen as an indictment on the global economy and emerging markets in general. Will review the OPEC comments out today and tell you what we think about their announcement. Login into your account.

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