Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call August 20 – On the call we dig into our views about Jackson Hole and what Janet Yellen and the Fed can do for markets.

Exquisite-microphoneWe’ll talk about the dollar’s (UUP, quote) strength overnight in Asia and forecast what we think it means for fall - season volatility. Today we talk about the move in Russia (RSX, quote) which is a bit astonishing when you consider where sentiment is on Russia even after the humanitarian aid window seem to give Russia a way back off the ledge but Friday's news about the convoy containing Russian military was something that swayed sentiment.

We’ll tell you we are playing this sentiment and we get back to China (FXI, quote) where we’ve been vocal. We’ll wrap up with a further dig deeper into last night’s fast money segment where I spoke about Hong Kong base stocks as proxy for China and the upgrades I’m seeing in the space and of course we tell you how to play these. Tune into your account.

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