Emerging Money Daily Audio Call September 6 - With sentiment from the press and mkt pundits overly cynical and bearish into the worst month on the calendar for equities, we try to focus on reality. 

Phone AudioYes, there are risks to the market from CB’s, politics, and even global security but we view global macro healing slowly and there is resilience to risk asset trades that is underpinned by fundamentals.

Fed speak this week and EU politics are the headlines to watch.

EM equities continue a remarkable run and there is a distinction being made between a rebound form oversold conditions and a real rally build on stabilizing macro and EPS.  We stay long.

The great cyclical rotation has legs and we are not running away from the trade while others suddenly pile in.  We give an overview of the sectors and where we are supportive.

A tactical trade in Steel?

Tune into your account and sad goodbye to summer.
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