Emerging Money Daily Audio Call September 29 - OPEC announcement means what for Oil and what for markets?

Phone AudioOn the call we have to ask questions that challenge what the prevailing views had been on oil that go back to the lows in Jan/Feb.

Why was oil really lower and does this announcement (if there is follow through) indicate investors must reassess what were assertions by many in the market as it related to peripheral assets:

Emerging Markets (EEM, quote), FOREX (UUP, quote) and Rates.  How much has oil  (USO, quote) forced global central banks, especially the ECB to be more aggressive on policy than they might.

And if there is solidarity within the oil producer community does that implicitly put pressure on central banks to unwind some of this extreme behavior faster than expected?

What sectors benefit the most from oil rising or at a minimum having a price floor underneath it?

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