Emerging Money Daily Audio Call September 28 - On the call today we discuss the move higher in global interest rates driven by a higher expectation of US tax cuts, and the ultimate question is what has been priced in vs what is realistic to expect. 

We give you some thoughts on which companies will benefit.   The Dollar should add tax cut hype to other ammunition(fresh hawk Fed, and German elections)  for why it has bottomed over the short to medium term...

EM has run into a wall and now sits back below August 1 relative value levels on the spread to SPX.  Is it time to tale full profits in EM?   Plenty of valuation support for EM equities and we have a long list of names.

Small Cap breakout not a surprise if we are getting goodies form Washington.  Was yesterday's move an exhaustion point however?

Tune into your account for more information.

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