Emerging Money Daily Audio Call September 27 - A day after Yellen's inherently hawkish comments the market is rallying interest sensitives and largely interpreting these comments as growth positive. 

For Small Caps ($IWM) and Retail ($XRT) it's been a powerful rally straight higher from the recent low ebb in the 10yr (2.02%) to the current 2.31% print.

The Dollar is also continuing a powerful bounced off of the 91.50 low we set last week.  Are we presuming the Fed can thread the needle or were these sectors oversold?

We are watching the breakdown in EM as this counters the bullish price action across other reflation and value trades and important technical support levels have been breached.  On the call we discuss a tactical approach to trading Brazil and the $EEM.

Tune into your account for more information.

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