Emerging Money Daily Audio Call Preview July 3 – Heading into the July 4 weekend we received lot of economic numbers today. On the call today we talk about the payroll numbers in line along with a number of big data points around the world.

Disney illuminationsThis week was emerging markets (EEM, quote) traded in line with developed Markets but expecting some Fed speak next week that will likely add volatility to the currency markets, which are a big part of the rally that emerging markets are seeing but ultimately we are playing this from the long side.

We view this as catalyst to see emerging markets break out. We will explain how we watching five-year yields in the U.S, as a canary for understanding where global growth is going to be better for emerging markets. So we expect rates to move slightly higher but not dramatically higher that's the best of all of all worlds for emerging markets.

We will wrap the call with some adjustments to our global portfolio as well as some stock specific that are getting expensive some of our favorites on the Trade side as well as taking some profits in a few names here. Have a great and safe Fourth Of July Holiday. Talk to you on Monday.

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