Emerging Money Daily Audio Call November 16 - “Trump on” or “Trump off”?  This is how the market now can be characterized if we weigh the price action of Tech, Staples, and Yield plays vs Industrials, Financials and Energy.

Phone AudioIs “trump on” giving way to “trump off”?

We think Energy may be pricing in better conditions for these companies than actually exists at $45-52$ Brent.  While we believe Oil is more in balance as a market than it has been in almost 2.5years we are cautious on owning names outside of highest quality E&P and those integrated names where the div is intact and there is an efficiency argument.

EM confronts the reality that things are not that bad but may be very uncertain in the eyes of investors well into 2017.  We give you some key levels on EEM and our view on “trading” the asset class.

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