Emerging Money Daily Audio Call May 9 - On the audio strategy call today we dig deeper into individual stock opportunities that exist below the surface of this passive, indexing, ETF wall of capital that masks single stock opportunities. 

The focus in the last 24 hours on emerging market equity investments and the $EEM versus $SPY is a topic that is old hat for us at Emerging Money. Today we explain where Technical's support the trade and why the FX will drive the next move higher.  As EM investors, the long-term trends are finally in our favor but this will not be as easy as someone making the call to flip the switch.  We explain...

Volatility is the other buzz theme of the last few days as the VIX plunges < 10.  Investors should be more focused on where central banks, who hold the key that will either trigger a stampede from passive investors or continue keep things locked up, decide to be more aggressive or play it safe with other peoples money.

Tune in to your account for today's strategy call.

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