Emerging Money Daily Audio Call March 27 - What is more surprising about the failure of the Trump Administration and Republican party to get a healthcare bill passed is how the markets waited until well after the fact to show their frustration…

well, sort of.  The Dow is actually now down for the 8th straight day, and the SPX has a 29 9d RSI as we speak.   Fixed income has provided a reliable reference point for technical.  2.30 on the 10yr remains pivotal.

What are the most concerning moves of today and where is the pullback a buying opportunity if you want to look at trades that were working before a Trump presidency was even a consideration?

EM has held in better than previous selloffs as the weaker Dollar is supporting EMFX.  We give our thoughts on the Russia protests over the weekend and what you do with Brazil if the resources market is under pressure.

Tune into your account for more info0mration.

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