Emerging Money Daily Audio Call July 13 - More benign inflation chatter from the Fed gives interest-rate sensitives an opportunity to continue their rally(as well as the market). 

Even Financial's regain their  into tomorrow's numbers and while you have read enough Bank earnings previews, you should listen to our call on J.P. Morgan.   VIX plumbing sub-10 again.

Steel stocks rallying hard on specific headlines from the White House but whether or not anti-dumping comes to fruition, after extreme oversold conditions industrial metals stocks had been basing for weeks and are breaking out.  Reflation  = a materials rally and we stay long this trade as well as increase our exposure to Ag.

EM rallies again today but is it time to take some profits on a big run?  We give you a tactical country by country ETF strategy.

Tune into your account for more information .



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