Emerging Money Daily Audio Call  - As the Fed concludes it's two day meeting with little expectation of a rate hike, markets are looking past and potential for the Fed or other Central Banks to end the liquidity party.

How reasonable it is to assume that the 2% inflation bogey will be the hard line in the sand that protects equities at a time when global indices and valuations are soaring? The VIX at all-time lows and Bull/Bear readings of market sentiment seeing bullishness back to March levels has us concerned but not stubborn. We explain...

Earnings continue in full force today with Facebook after the bell. We also reflect upon the numbers reported by Catapillar and US steel as both are bellwethers for the reflation trade.

Finally, in our tactical trading bucket we look at airlines who have suffered a major fall from grace since reporting solid second-quarter numbers. Time to Buy?

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