Emerging Money Audio Call Preview for Tuesday, June 3 - Emerging Markets (EEM, quote) opening higher, outperforms in Emerging Markets against the S&P this week is our call. Last night’s PMI nonmanufacturing in China (FXI, quote) very constructive when coupled with what we saw over the weekend in the official PMI HSBC reading.

450px-Base_radio_station_(215811565)Last night’s PMI slightly weaker but still very close to 50 we see industrial acceleration in Asia we see continued outperformance by the best reason with Emerging Markets.

We will get into how we are making our country calls.

Down the Latin America we have an option polls out in Brazil(EWZ, quote) later this week. We also will review a relative value country trade inside of lactam for our subscribers.

Subscribers will also get some mining plays another major Latin American mining capital and finally we will tell subscribers which Russian (RSX, quote) oil companies we are taking profits how we want to shift those profits into cellular and which names.

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