Emerging Monday Daily Audio Call September 27 - Post-debate there is little the markets got that was new so volatility in the short run falls and we sit within a range for markets including currencies, stocks, and oil.

Phone AudioHowever the cycle remains ripe for vol spikes and the election dynamics will only get closer, not divergent meaning more vol as we get closer to the event.

Speaking of oil, Iran and Saudi are center stage as usual and giving no ground but keeping hopes of a November deal alive in terms of market sentiment.

Make no mistake, Iran needs 4mbpd and Saudi needs $65/bbl.  Both are working towards this.

Rates may have broken back into range that has defined the post-Brexit world.

Leaving aside what we would like to see, the US 10yr and Japanese 10yr are at a moment of truth for the evolution trade.

What do we mean?

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